Vision systems

  • Complete range of measuring and control systems using image analysis /processing
  • 100% quality of your products
  • Detect poor quality inputs, intermediate products and defective products even during the production process
  • OMRON VISION partner for the Slovak Republic. We use the most progressive intelligent optical devices OMRON for our customized solutions
  • Automated quality control of inputs, production in process and final products
  • Precise, reliable and fast quality control based on image analysis
  • Using the latest robotic vision devices
  • Customised to your specific requirements: from design through construction and implementation

Japanese manufacturer Omron is among the world leaders in industrial automation. With years of experience and successful integration of vision systems, we have become OMRON VISION PARTNER for the Slovak Republic. With the help of OMRON Vision devices we give your machine the ability to see. We can help you get your production to a new level of efficiency, speed, quality, flexibility and reliability. Get ahead of your competitors!

Powerful customizable vision system provides high precision quality inspection

  • Sensors Omron Vision analyse image, recognise characters, read barcode, detect defects, verify colour, position, inspect label and edge, perform measurements and calculations with close to human eye identification and image processing.  
  • 100 % quality control is possible at any time during the production process
  • Precise and rapid control: an accuracy of 0,25 microns per 110 microsecond of inspection time
  • Intelligent control: remote control, network connection and data recording.
  • Suited for applications in high-speed manufacturing machines of all types: traceability of automotive parts, 360° inspections of bottles, pill inspection in blisters and many other applications.