Selected industrial vision applications

The automotive industry, the Pharma industry, food processing industry, and many others:

  • Label inspection        
  • Inspection of large objects, easy profile measurement        
  • Cap inspection
  • Packaging inspection, Blister pack inspection, Traceability of any user action (Audit trail) with time stamp
  • Picking of automotive parts        
  • Inspection  of a cylinder head    
  • Label inspection
  • Defect detection                       
  • Inspection of  components on PCBs
  • Inspect defect on bottles
  • Real colour sensing
  • Inspection of seals    
  • Inspect and pick - a vision system inspects the parts before or after the picking into blisters or boxes
  • Part identification: verify the correct type of an automotive part, e.g. brakes, to be used in the process