Company profile

NASA SLOVAKIA, Ltd. has engaged in industrial automation for more than 10 years. You can also find us under the trademark STOP LUP.

We are an OMRON VISION partner. This partnership is a sign of our long experience in integration of VISION in quality control, product comparisons, measuring dimensions, and much more. Wherever an ordinary sensor is not enough, we replace it with an intelligent camera.

In the field of automation, special purpose machinery manufacturing, programming and pick to light systems we cover leading brands of renowned manufacturers and provide complete engineering services.

We deal with:

  • Industrial automation
  • Single-purpose machines
  • Pick to light systems
  • Vision (100% final inspection), and comparison of image analysis
  • Inspection camera systems
  • Drives, servo motors, inverters
  • Control Systems
  • Robots
  • Assembly lines
  • Al profiles
  • Barcode scanners
  • Identification of products in process
  • Custom software and programming (PLC, PC, SQL, PHP ...)